International Paper wants you to bring your uniqueness, creativity, talents, and experiences to be a part of our increasingly diverse culture. 

  • Women in IP

    Women in IP is committed to actively contributing to the growth and development of IP's female workforce. This Employee Networking Circle (ENC) is designed to provide information that seeks to attract, develop, promote and retain women employees. 






    IPMOVE, the African American Employee Networking Circle, is an open and inclusive group that is made up of IP employees who share common backgrounds and interests. 

    IPMOVE stands for Mentor, Open to all, Volunteer, Engage



  • IPVets

    IPVets is creating a corporate culture that promotes visibility, recruitment, retention, and knowledge of Veterans. IPVets is an open and inclusive group, made up of IP employees who are veterans of the armed forces of their respective countries and those who support veterans. 



    IPride is an open and inclusive group made up of LGBTQ+ identified individuals and Allies. Our vision: that LGBTQ+ employees feel included, accepted, and have a sense of belonging at International Paper.


Employee Network Circles at International Paper include Diversity and Inclusion councils, mentoring boards, gender-based groups, cultural or ethnic-based groups or experienced-based groups.